Total EDnet Appliance Quick Create v5.0.1

Computer being prepared for installation:
Live IP that the computer running from the boot disk is pingable at
To retrieve information for existing TEA5 boxes fill in values for the 2 red fields and press --> then

Contact information: Who we can contact about this installation
Name E-mail
Phone Location Board

Box details: Information on how you want the appliance setup
Result IP eth0 Subnet Mask (NIC on Internet side, or router side)
Result IP eth1 Subnet Mask (Local LAN side, towards workstations, etc...)
Gateway IP and speed of this router. Round speed up if not exact. For example choose 100M-Aliant if site is 50M Aliant and choose 1G Eastlink if site is 300M Eastlink.

Hostname Domain *** Do not put an underscore character or spaces in host or domain names. ***

Vlan Setup: Only use this if the circuit is a trunked vlan port. At this point only at Aliant sites that boards have switched to using trunk instead of access ports
VLAN number/id

Other Provider Setup: Use if using a provider such as SeaSide which does not provide EDnet IPs and you wish to have a tunnel setup to continue using an EDnet IP subnet.
Other Provider IP Other Provider Gateway IP Other Provider Subnet Mask

Magic ARP: Allow TEA5 to fit into network transparently when used as a router?
Use Magic ARP? Arp Start IP Arp End IP

DHCP: Allow clients to get IPs assigned automatically?
Make DHCP available?

PPTPD Server: Point to Point Tunneling Protocol Server?
Make PPTPD available?

Blockall firewall rules?
Enable Blockall rules? (See help below)

Enable URL Filtering?
Enable URL Filtering? (See help below)

SquidGuard Categories (If using SquidGuard filtering. See help below)

You must supply values for Result IP eth0 and password to successfully use the Load feature

Field descriptions