Total EDnet Appliance version 5

Quick link to TEA5 Install Page
Quick link to TEA5 Install CDROM ISO File
Some help and instructions on using your TEA5 Box.


This distribution was created to allow EDnet sites a means of providing private address space, web caching with URL filtering, and firewall capabilities.

 Using a remote push install, a small computer can be remotely installed with a complete TEA5 solution and plugged in at a site without any knowledge of the underlying computer environement.

 The process involves booting the remote computer with a CD and then filling out an HTML form to define what will be installed. Then this install unique to this computer will be loaded over the network and be completely prepared for deployment.


Software Included

Minimum Hardware Requirements for server

Although it is all negotiable.


All pieces of this solution were available via GPL or similar use copyrights, and the remaining effort to make this available is to be considered covered also under the GPL.

Install Procedure - Sample

Hardware Required.

CD-ROM install instructions

  1. Download tea501a.iso
  2. Burn the ISO image to a blank CD/DVD
  3. Boot the new TEA5 box with the CD/DVD
  4. Enter the Live IP address (this is the IP you will use while setting up the machine, not necessarily the IP it will have after installation), subnet mask, and default gateway when promted during the boot phase if you do not choose to obtain an IP via DHCP.
  5. Once booting is complete and machine can be pinged at asigned IP, go to TEA5 Install Page ,fill out the form and submit. Take note the nic that was pingable, as it will be refered to as ETH0, and the second nic as ETH1. During boot it is possible to confirm that the 2 NICS, etc are all recognized.

Credits - Participants

Excluding all those people that make the separate components available, local efforts were made by: Services